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  • Karen Men

    $45.00$108.00 Portrait
  • Karen Woman Smoking


    Outdoor, natural light portrait of a Karen woman smoking her pipe.

  • Identity


    This digitally manipulated self-portrait celebrates progress and identity. While it has a specific story behind it, it can be interpreted in many different ways. Photoshop, textures, and silhouettes were used to create a visually aesthetic piece

  • A Heart Full Of Warmth


    A Heart Full Of Warmth was taken to show the complexities of everyday life. Taya used a simple kitchen cabinet and oven light to take this self-portrait. The use of unconventional objects is an important element in her work.

  • Haze


    Haze was carefully edited to look like a vintage photograph. The soft background, rough scratches, and subtle yellow hues are all inspired by old Renaissance paintings. Natural light was used to give this image a hauntingly authentic look.