Taken in Porto, Portugal | 2020

We can still daydream. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a lot from many people but one thing that will always be free to travel with no restrictions is our mind and imagination.

The photo was taken in my small apartment in Portugal, the 4 walls that became my home, shelter, and “prison” at the same time. The frame hanging on the wall, a photograph with birds flying free in the sky in Greece, my other home, my origins.


There is a connection between the girl standing against the wall wearing a red dress, wishing she could tele-transport through the hanging frame as if she was living in the movies. This pandemic has given a new meaning to the word “distance”.

Just like the song says:
“No matter how many prisons are built
and even if the siege is getting harder,
our mind is a thug
that will always escape.”

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