Under the Endless Sky


Taken in Amorgos, Greece | 2017

Award-winning image of a couple holding hands under a windmill, under the night sky full of stars, on the island of the Cyclades archipelago in Greece. It’s the island of Amorgos; there, you won’t see large crowds of people pushing each other looking for a famous sunset. 


There, you’ll have your coffee alone at a beautiful little traditional café under the shadow of a tall tree with the sound of crickets, the company of a book, and the smell of the most amazing and delicious local products. 

Your food will be served by the wrinkled hands of an old woman or man that love their life and their island and they welcome you to explore their land with the kindest of smiles. In Amorgos, when you see the windmills under the Milky Way you’ll feel small but in a glorious way. 

Your heart will beat a bit happier after you’ve visited Amorgos and our batteries will be fully charged by the beauty you’ve witnessed, enough to keep you going for another tough winter working at the office counting the days until you can find yourself at that spot again!

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