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Introducing our photography trend report for 2024, a remarkable compilation highlighting industry legends and their invaluable insights. 

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Introducing Our Visionary Photography Legends

In 2024, these experts will offer valuable insights and knowledge specific to their areas of expertise in photography.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the contents of their camera bags, the latest trends in photographic equipment, and their perspectives on how photography can contribute positively to the world.

Additionally, they’ll share their ideal photography mentors, recommend useful resources, discuss their views on artificial intelligence in photography, and provide many more insightful thoughts.

Find joy in what you're creating without the pressure of pleasing anyone

Joel Robinson

Allow yourself the space to make mistakes and learn from them

Daniel Kordan

Don't force anything, but be open to learning new things.

Taya Iv

Practice makes perfect. its cliche but it’s true.

Rylan Meadows

An image can transport us to a place that we may not even known existed.

Kristopher Andres

Stories are what will allow your images to have impact and make them memorable.

Mitchel Wu

Go out and be brave, ask more people.

Lou Noble

try to learn from failures and get better through them.

Christian Brockes

It's important for photographers to think about why they create photos.

Scott Smorra

I wish all the creators to be open to new possibilities to create.

Luana Seu

Keep shooting; the key is consistency.

Angela garcia

Don’t try to be the best artist. Just try to be unique.

Zach Doehler

The beauty of photography is that you are restricted only by your own imagination and creativity.

Gim Liu

The more pictures you make, the better you become at seeing.

Jay Rowden

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