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Welcome to our Intermediate Photography Course! Here you will find our mid-level photography lessons. If you’re just getting back into photography, you may also be interested in our course for beginners before venturing into the following lessons or our more advanced lessons.

If you are looking to learn all of this and more in daily bite size lessons, we recommend having a look at our 365 Days of Photography Course. This course is for those looking to learn the art of photography or sharpen the skills they already have, regardless of their past experiences.

Lesson: 1

Camera lenses

Camera Lenses Explained

Camera Lenses Next to the camera body, your camera lenses are the second most important part of your camera. Selecting the right lens (or lenses) is essential for getting the shots you want. Selecting a new camera lens requires time and research because you

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Lesson: 4

There are many different types of portrait photography, such as this close-up portrait of a serious man model in studio neon lights

The 11 Different Types of Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a lucrative and one of the most popular photography genres, but did you know there are many different types of portrait photography? First, let’s define our terms. When we talk about portraiture in photography, we’re talking about capturing images of people.  You might be thinking about the portraiture photographers of your childhood when you think about this

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Lesson: 5

How to Select the Best Camera Settings for Portraits

Selecting the best camera settings for portraits is challenging for many new photographers. Even some more advanced photographers who are not used to portrait photography find it difficult. Choosing the best ISO, aperture, and shutter speed take practice. In this article, I’ll walk you through a variety of situations and share the options for the best settings for portrait photography. I’ll also share some photography tips to help

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Lesson: 6

How to Take Stronger Portraits by Isolating Your Subject

Isolating your subject will make for a stronger photo than when they are surrounded by clutter. Distracting elements in the same composition as a person you’re photographing will only serve to draw attention away from them. There are a number of techniques you can choose to isolate a person in your compositions. The three main ones I like to use are covered

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Lesson: 7

How to Use Props Effectively When Taking Portraits

Well used portrait props in photography can make your pictures come alive. Whether you’re taking photos of your partner, kids, friends, or anyone else, photography props can add depth and interest. Once you start thinking about photography props for portraits you’ll be surprised at how soon great ideas come to mind. You’ll think of things that you can make or get

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Lesson: 8

How to Take Posed Candid Portraits

What is candid portrait photography? There are various sub-genres in this popular genre. Sometimes, the model is unaware of your presence. This is common in street photography. Other times, they’re posing for you while trying to look natural. This technique is very common in lifestyle photography. In this article, you’ll

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Lesson: 9

4 Tips on How to Take Interesting Environmental Portraits

Taking an interesting environmental portrait requires you to include location-specific elements. It may also involve what your subject is doing. Environmental portraiture contains more information about the person than a regular portrait does. Including some of the environment the person is in, such as their workplace or home, tells us something about who they are. We catch a glimpse of their lifestyle and

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Lesson: 12

Portrait photography lighting techniques can help you capture stunning images, such as this one of a beautiful model

13 Creative Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques

Portrait photography is one of the most popular and lucrative genres in photography. To be successful in this genre, however, you’ll need to understand the basic techniques of portrait lighting.  Lighting is what makes or breaks a photograph, and in portrait photography, knowing how to use the light to flatter your subject or create the mood you want is key to capturing stunning images. In

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Lesson: 13

What Makes Good Black and White Portraits?

A good black and white portrait photo will attract our attention sometimes more than a color portrait will. What is it that makes a good black and white portrait? Why is this medium so timelessly alluring? Black and white portraits can be refreshingly simple. Limiting the color information the eye has to perceive, the subtle shades of gray leave us room to interpret what we

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Lesson: 14

Street Portraits: How to Master Taking Photos of Strangers

Street portraits are all about connecting with the strangers you’re photographing. This differs from the general idea of street photography. That’s where the photographer makes no connection with what they are photographing. Often, the thought of taking street portraits is somewhat unsettling. Especially to those who are inexperienced with street portraits photography.

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Lesson: 15

Capturing Night Portraits

Night Portrait Photography: A Complete Guide

How to Shoot Night Portraits Night portrait photography may be a niche you have been dreaming of exploring. Photographers of all levels often avoid low light photography because they feel it is more difficult and complicated than using natural light during the day. But there are many ways to

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Lesson: 16

How to Take Self-Portraits: A Budget-Friendly Guide

Self-portraits are immensely popular in various genres. Many painters, including Frida Kahlo and Rembrandt, reclaimed their identities through their self-portraits. Anyone can take expressive and eye-catching self-portraits. You don’t need expensive camera equipment or a professional photo studio. Even if you live in a simple home filled with simple props, you can

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Lesson: 17

self portrait photography

27 Creative Self-Portrait Photography Ideas & Tips

Self-portrait photographers are in charge of many things during their photoshoots. This includes lighting, camera settings, posing, and the list goes on. With so many things to juggle, is it even possible to come up with creative self portrait ideas? The answer is yes! What is self-portrait photography? It can be a simple photograph of your face, but

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Lesson: 18

14 Outdoor Couple Poses for Unforgettable Portraits

When you take photos of couples, you have to consider many things. What is their story? How do you make your photos meaningful? More importantly, how can you make this an unforgettable experience for your clients? This process doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. The right couple poses and ideas can make a big difference

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Lesson: 19

female poses

A Guide to Effortless Female Poses

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it came to giving feedback on female poses? Many photographers don’t feel very confident about posing, and they more enjoy shooting. But after reading through this guide, you will know everything there is to the female pose in portrait photography. We have included examples, books, videos, and even courses! Once you have a

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Lesson: 20

Lesson: 21

vintage photography

13 Tips to Achieve the Vintage Photography Look

Analogue cameras introduced the world to photography. Their evolution eventually led to digital photography. The digital way is more accessible, easier to understand, and immensely popular. However, many digital photographers continue to embrace the look of vintage photography. It can be nostalgic, mysterious, and moody. The goal is to make it seem like your digital photos

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Lesson: 22

use this detailed guide to explore how to shoot stunning silhouette photography

Sunset Silhouette Photography – A Complete Guide

You’ve seen those spectacular sunset silhouette photos, the ones with a mysterious silhouetted subject watching the sun dip below the horizon. They’re emotionally moving, and that makes them a great photographic subject. So, how do you capture those stunning silhouettes? Let’s start with the basics, and then

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Lesson: 23

lensball photography

A Complete Guide to Lensball Photography

Lensball photography has become a top hit among photographers searching for new creativity in their imagery. They are lightweight, easy to travel with, and work on many surfaces! In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Lensball photography including tips, tricks, brands, communities, and fun techniques for your photos. What is

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Lesson: 24

reflection photography guide

The Top Guide for Reflection Photography

Reflection photography can skyrocket your images into the more interesting subject matter. After all, we are all seeing the world from the same perspective on a daily basis. But if you can find ways to use reflective surfaces, a long shutter speed, and some new subject ideas, you will create

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Lesson: 25

example of Perspective Photography

Perspective in Photography: Everything You Need to Know

Perspective photography is all about what you show your viewers through your images. You may have seen the composition from a totally different point of view. But how you shoot it, and the illusions you use to do so, can completely make or break a great composition. Furthermore, we live in a three-dimensional world, and

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Lesson: 26

Understanding the challenges of the different types of landscape photography can help you get spectacular images

13 Types of Landscape Photography

If you’re going somewhere, you’re going to take pictures of the landscape. But, did you know there are different types of landscape photography? It’s true, and each type comes with its own challenges. To help you understand landscape photography better, we’re going to discuss the 13 types of

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Lesson: 27

Lesson: 28

DIY Lighting on tea set. © Kevin Landwer-Johan

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Product Photography Lighting

DIY product photography lighting is easier than you might think. You can put together a home studio with items from around the house. You can make good use of natural light and any electric light source. A well-lit, well-photographed product is going to sell it. If your professional product is

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Lesson: 29

9 Best Camera Settings For Product Photography

Product photography can be a challenging but lucrative niche. But, it’s important to understand how to get the best product images that really accentuate the product you’re shooting while at the same time portraying it accurately. There are a number of tricks the professionals use to

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Lesson: 30

Lesson: 31

Lighting for Still Life Photography

Lighting for Still Life Photography

Welcome to the first in a series of articles on lighting for still life photography. Studio still life is the ultimate teaching tool for any photographer. It is a “no excuses” environment because the photographer has complete technical control. It can be a very methodical work

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Lesson: 32

33 Street Photography Tips and Techniques for Success

Taking photos in a busy, public place can feel intimidating. Especially when photographing people. In this article, I’ll share my best street photography tips that will help you improve your street pictures. Many photographers prefer to work alone and in the comfort of their own personal space.

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Lesson: 33

Night street photography presents unique challenges as seen in this aerial view of busy lit up city streets

6 Tips for Stunning Night Street Photography

Nighttime street photography is an exciting genre. There’s the contrast of light and dark, the movement of people, and the energy of the city streets. Capturing that in images is the goal of the night street photographer.  But, this genre of photography presents some enormous challenges.

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Lesson: 34

Lesson: 35

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