Launch your Commercial Drone Business

A Simple and Effective Drone Marketing Strategy

This book is for professional drone operators who want to attract more clients or hobbyists looking to turn their passion into profit. It offers a simple and extremely effective step-by-step system for promoting yourself effectively, efficiently, and indefinitely.

As you continue with this process, your confidence and skills will improve, your reputation will grow, and your work will evolve in interesting and unexpected ways.

"I highly recommend this book to anyone in the drone industry. It's a must-read for those looking to attract more clients and take their drone ventures to the next level. Kudos to Andy for delivering such a practical and comprehensive guide!"
Joseph Martinez
Verified buyer
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What You’ll Learn

Part 1

We show you a way to set up a platform from which to launch. This provides you with a portfolio of images, a show reel of video you can promote, and a means for people to purchase your work through your website. We also show you how to build a supporting social media presence from which to connect with your target audience.

Part 2

We look at who you should be talking to and how to find these people. You will find your audience and introduce yourself to them. This sets up a network of relevant and useful connections to whom you can promote yourself.

Part 3

We introduce the special part of this formula, the proactive projects that will really help you stand out from the crowd and provide something interesting and useful to your newly found audience, whilst at the same time providing you with fresh new content for your website.

Part 4

We show you how to develop a social media strategy to support your main business activities on a daily basis.

About The Author

Andy Smith

Andy Smith has been flying drones under commercial licenses in the UK since 2018. His work has been on STV, BBC and ESPN, and he has worked across multiple sectors, including film, TV, music, construction, marketing and sports. He lives and works in East Lothian, Scotland, UK.


Smithsonian Annual Photography Competition 2023: Winner: Best Drone Photography
Earth Photo Awards 2023: Shortlisted
Sienna Drone Photography Awards 2023: Finalist (x2)
British Photography Awards 2022: Finalist: Best Drone Photography (x2)
Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards 2022: Finalist
Current World Archaeology Awards Photography Awards 2022: Runner Up

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