Photographing People: A Guide For Shy Photographers

Are you a shy photographer? Then you’ll be aware of how uncomfortable it can feel having your photo taken. Naturally, you will be more empathetic as a photographer of people because you can relate to your subjects feelings.

The upside of this is that you can use this feeling to help you create portraits with greater depth and feeling.

“Whenever I’ve read books about photography, I tend to give up after encountering the first technical terms. Because I was fortunate enough to take a photo workshop with Kevin, I sensed this book would be different, and it was! He stresses and gives great examples about many aspects of taking pictures that you might otherwise not think of, and you don’t need fancy equipment or in depth technical knowledge to apply them. His advice could easily apply to the fanciest of equipment, or the cell phone in your pocket. I was able to start applying some of his techniques the very next day after I finished the book. Easy to read and understand, buy it!"
Joann R.
Verified buyer

A Powerful Guide to Overcoming
Your Hesitation to Photograph People

Learn to connect with the people you want to photograph – whoever they are.

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What You’ll Learn when you Read this Book

Learn to photograph people.

It’s more than just knowing which lens to choose and how to use your camera. Photographing people is about connecting with your subject and relating to them.

Getting outside your comfort zone.

Learn how to embrace your shyness and use it to make you a more creative photographer of people.

Using your camera as a bridge to people.

Photography provides you with a wonderful reason to connect with people. With a camera in your hands and a confident attitude, you’ll find that photographing people is not so scary.

About The Author

Kevin Landwer-Johan

I am a photographer and photography teacher. Now, I am also an author. Photography has been my passion since purchasing a second hand Nikon from a friend in the early 1980s. I started my first photography job at a daily newspaper a few years later. I worked as a newspaper photographer for many years before starting my own freelance business. I photographed for commercial, editorial, wedding, and portrait clients. In 1997 I won the Best New Business award in Waitakere City, New Zealand.

In 2002 I moved to northern Thailand. Here I have worked in photography and video production. Most of my work has been providing photos and videos for non-profit organizations working among rural poor communities.

Since 2014 my wife and I have taught photography workshops. These are now based at our rural home, from which we also offer bed and breakfast accommodation. I have also branched out into online teaching and photography writing.

Message From The Author

Photographing People – A Guide For Shy Photographers, is intended to encourage you to take photos of people. Experience has taught me to overcome the feeling of not wanting to impose when I point my camera in the direction of a person. It’s also taught me this fear is common, particularly amongst shy photographers.

This book is a collection of life stories and teaching. It’s my journey, and may be yours.

I am a photographer of people. It took me decades to find confidence with my camera and be bold enough to take portraits. Now I love having people in front of my lens. Whether it’s in a studio or in the street. People I know or complete strangers. Candid or posed.

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