Portrait Photography Course

Learn portrait photography using reflectors, diffusers, and flash. Create powerful portraits using either natural or artificial light. Learn the core principals of composition and how to evoke emotion from your subject. Use depth of field to dramatically improve your portraits and make your photos look more professional.

Portrait photography is often considered an art form that involves capturing your subject or group’s facial expressions, personality, or mood using composition, lighting, and backgrounds. Some photographers see portraiture as an artistic representation of a subject’s attitude. Portraiture is by far the most common form of photography, and creating compelling portraits requires connecting with people.

Premium Portrait Photography Classes

Take our premium portrait photography courses for in-depth learning of social and technical skills to capture unique portraits. Learn posing techniques, camera settings, shooting in natural light, working with window light, finding the best location, using body language, and much more from professional portrait photographers. Even better, you will have a certificate to add to your profile.

course for indoor self portrait photography

How do you take a good portrait? Is it possible to take stunning portraits of yourself? Our Indoor Self-Portrait Photography On A Budget course will answer these questions for you. You’ll be introduced to the art of telling stories, dramatic lighting, Photoshop and Lightroom editing, and much more. If you’re looking to develop your creativity, you’ll love being a part of this class.

Our Natural Light Portrait Photography Course will introduce you to the fundamentals of portraiture. You’ll be introduced to creative techniques that will help you photograph the world from a fresh perspective. Led by award-winning photographer Kevin LJ, this class will teach you how to achieve professional results without the use of studio lights or expensive camera gear.

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