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33 Best Photography Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

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When searching the internet, you can find thousands of online sites, resources, and publications that photographers use to hone their craft and skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, photography blogs are excellent sources of knowledge, where talented photographers provide the knowledge and resources to help.

Many online sources offer various material on learning new tips and tricks, discovering the latest gear recommendations, and more – but it can all be overwhelming. While there is an exhaustive list of amazing blogs, we went ahead and created a list of the best photography blogs designed to enhance your creative journey. So grab some coffee and enjoy the blogs dedicated to honing the art of photography!

Best Photography Blogs.

1. Behind the Shutter

When readers explore “Behind the Shutter”, they can expect to find an immense catalog of tutorials. Photographers of any level can find tutorials ranging from aperture setting to something more creative and complex, such as using color gels in portrait work.

Readers can also expect to find information on new and affordable gear as well as tips on monetizing their craft. As a bonus, readers can enjoy opinion articles written by various photographers, who provide incredible insight into their careers and lives as photographers.

2. Creative Boom

Not only does “Creative Boom” provide tutorials on technical photography skills, but it also offers career tips, the best gear to use, and books you can use to enhance your skills. In addition to this, this blog showcases various artists, publishing fascinating interviews and showcasing brilliant works.

This blog combines education with inspiration, making it an excellent resource for beginners and advanced photographers alike.

Creative Boom Photography Blog.

3. Strobist

With “Learn How to Light” as its tagline, David Hobby guides readers on one of the most basic yet difficult skills in photography. Even the most creative photos can send the wrong message without appropriate lighting.

In the “Strobist,” readers can expect to utilize their flash and other light sources to create mood, tone, and ambiance in their work without having to resort to fancy equipment or Photoshop. This blog teaches readers the best ways to control and manipulate light to create works with stunning luminosity, color, and texture.

4. The Phoblographer

This blog uses psychology along with photography. This provokes the reader to explore their creativity through a series of reviews, tutorials, and articles published on the site. This site allows readers to explore other photographers’ work, read on the newest gear, and explore the world through new perspectives.

Now, here are some blogs that provoke inspiration through food, fashion, and photojournalism. These blogs are visually stunning and creative, with thought-provoking stories that will keep readers busy for hours.

Photography Blog by New York Times.

5. Lens by The New York Times

Technically speaking, “Lens” is not a blog but a section of the New York Times. Regardless, this column provides unique insight, both on a historical and a global level.

This blog is best suited for history and cultural junkies while also providing incredible inspiration into the art and form of photography

6. We Eat Together

For food photographers, bloggers, and foodies, “We Eat Together” is a blog dedicated to the art of food photography and eating.

Skyler Burt, author & founder of the blog, educates his readers on the intricacies associated with food photography, ranging from composition to lighting, styling, marketing, and of course, delicious recipes to satisfy anyone’s appetite

Food Photography.

7. Reading the Pictures

For those interested in the social, cultural, and political analysis of photojournalism, “Reading the Pictures” offers nuanced commentary on global issues. This blog focuses on the power that visuals, specifically photography, have on a global audience.

Blog posts inform the readers of various events, recommending new perspectives to provoke critical thinking and analysis. While this is not a typical photography blog, it is interesting for photographers and readers alike.

8. Great Big Photography World

Great Big Photography World has been a trusted photography blog for over 20 years. Readers enjoy learning about many aspects of photography, including photography ideas, photography tips, landscape photography, gear reviews, and much more!

The best part is that the articles are written by professional photographers who have a passion and love for their camera that they want to share with the world. The photo blogs are easy to read, and they even offer a variety of digital photography school courses that are free and paid!

Portrait of women.

9. Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis has been considered an expert in creative photography for decades. He updates readers on photography news, camera reviews, and photography techniques.

Each feature shoot includes interviews and behind-the-scenes ideas from his fine art shoots. Lastly, his photography website is full of amazing photos that are sure to inspire your next photo blog as well as help you learn photography.

10. Joe Mcnally

A major hitter in the photography business world, the blog by Joe Mcnally is full of travel, photography news, and free tutorials. Mcnally is an award-winning photographer who has traveled to over 70 different countries to create stunning photographs for major brands and magazines.

His helpful articles help not only budding photographers but also photography enthusiasts and other creative professionals. Even better, you get to travel around the world with him simply by reading his photo blogs. It’s a win-win!

Fashion Photography Blog.

11. Depositphotos Blog

When it comes to photography tips and the world of digital photography, this blog has it all!  Each professional photographer on the site shares insider tips, gear reviews, and feature shoot ideas. Readers love the featured contemporary photography looks and photography inspiration.

Even more, many emerging professional photographers are featured so you may discover the work of your next idol. Lastly, if you enjoy selling your images, check out their stock photography agencies and stock photography insights to help you sell even more!

12. Two Loves Studio

This is a great photography blog for food photographers! Internationally acclaimed photographer Rachel shares photography tutorials on how to take the best food photography possible no matter your skill level or equipment.

Other photography blogs lack this blog’s genius way of sharing awesome blog posts, masterclasses, and helpful tips on how to make your photos look edible!

taking photos with a digital camera.

13. PhotoFocus

Whether you are a fashion photographer, documentary photography enthusiast, into fine art photography, or a pair of wedding photographers, this blog is an educational resource for all! The blog regularly posts photo industry updates across all niches and offers you ideas on how to take better photos and work on your post-production.

Full of awesome photography blogs, this is one you should check out and bookmark on your computer today!

14. CreativeLive

CreativeLive is well known for offering amazing online courses for photographers of all levels and genres. But have you ever checked out one of their blog posts? The blog covers everything from wedding photography to how to create a photography career.

Even more, famous photographers share insights into their success and give you better ideas on which courses are best for you on the website. Whether you want to learn nature photography or film photography, there is something for everyone who wants to work in the photography industry.

15. Lightroom Killer Tips

This photoblog is for photo editing. No matter where you are on your photography journey, there is a way to make amazing pictures with better editing. Using their photo editor techniques and tools, you will learn the latest and greatest ways to edit your photos.

Of course, this blog is specifically designed for Lightroom users, but whether you have been using the program for decades or are new to it, the Lightroom killer tips blog has a blog post for every level of editing skill. You can even learn how to edit mobile photography on your smartphone.

girl taking pictures.

16. Digital Photography School

The name speaks for itself! Full of everything including fashion photography blogs, portrait photographer insights, and much more, you can learn everything there is to know about photography on this blog site.

We especially enjoy their latest photography news section, where you hear from real-life photographers some of the biggest changes in the industry and how you can up your camera game for the coming years.

17. Photo Argus

Enjoy articles and interviews with featured photographers as well as video tutorials and inspiration. Photo Argus is a top pick for many photographers for the variety of topics and information they offer readers of all photography levels.

iPhone photography.

18. Shutterstock Blog

If you work in the world of stock photography, this photo blog is for you. Shutterstock is a common name associated with selling stock photography and with good reason. Their blog is a great resource for photographers who want to learn what will be the next best-selling stock photo in their archives.

Learn from professional stock photographers as well as gain valuable insights into business niches and commonly sold images.

19. Fstoppers

Fstoppers photo blog is a well-known blog by almost any professional photographer in the industry today. Many photographers visit this blog specifically to have a look at gear reviews. 

Even more, many photographers rejoice over the nonbiased reviews and in-depth analysis of the latest lenses, camera bodies, and flash gear.

happy wedding couple.

20. Digital Photography Review

Just like Fstoppers, Dpreview is a fantastic resource to use when thinking about buying new equipment. There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on gear that doesn’t serve you.

We especially enjoy using the side-by-side comparisons reviews of cameras and lenses. Oftentimes we are down to two different pieces of equipment and can’t make a final choice. This photo blog makes choosing so much easier.

21. The Joy of Marketing

Small photography business owners will rejoice using the joy of marketing blog! Oftentimes as photographers, we hate the marketing and business side of running a business! We just want to take photos!

The joy of marketing blog makes it easier to learn how to market your business to the best of your abilities in an ever-changing market. Take advantage of industry leader articles along with guides on how to market yourself everywhere from Instagram to Workshops.

The sky is the limit with this blog in the world of marketing.

photo blog for women.

22. Women Photograph

Sorry boys, this website is for women-only photographers! Can we say girl power? This amazing photo blog is full of inspiring stories, insights, and creative ideas from female-only photographers who love connecting and sharing with other girls in their tribe.

Head over to Women Photography Blog today to start supporting other women in the photography world and to find your own voice.

23. Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot Blog is like combining National Geographic Magazine with a modern art museum. They feature different shoots that take a closer look at the underbelly of unknown worlds, such as child diets or shoes.

If you are looking for the quirky and unheard-of in the world of photography, this photo blog is made for you.

portrait of a man with smoke.

24. Humans of New York

This is an old blog but a great one! For more than a decade, New York photographer Brandon Stanton has been randomly photographing humans around New York City and around the world. With each photograph, he interviews the person and shares their story in the blog post.

Readers love his style and approach to the blog because who doesn’t love a good story! We can connect to others simply by hearing their stories and seeing the world through their eyes. This is a great blog to get lost in on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

25. Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star has been inspiring photographers from around the globe for over a decade. As an online personality and labeled one of the Top 5 Most Influential Photographers by PDN Magazine, Jasmine knows what she is talking about.

Visit her blog if you are looking for ways to better reach your portrait and wedding photography audience, as well as for other social media marketing advice. Readers love her upbeat style and unbeatable charm.

photographer working.

26. Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby is a leader in the photography blog world.  As the president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, you could say he knows a thing or two about Photoshop.

Readers use his photo blog as a valuable tool when it comes to editing their photos and learning about the latest and greatest tweaks in editing software.

27. Colossal

Colossal photography blog is all about the visual arts. If you are looking for ways to some art and creativity back into your work, start here. With over 500 different articles and resources, you are sure to be artistically inspired.

person editing photos.

28. MCP Actions

MCP Actions blog is for photographers who love a daily challenge. The blog is designed to give photographers daily tasks and challenges that they can complete anywhere and at any time. Some of the tutorials are based on ideas that are common problems for photographers. Readers love their easy-to-follow challenges and life-changing lessons.

29. The Modern Tog

If you are interested in working in the wedding photography business, this blog is for you. Author and photographer Jamie Swanson take you into the world of wedding photography and the highs and lows that come along with it!

You will learn everything there is to know about running a successful wedding photography business, including accounting, marketing, post-production, and how to find clients. This is a one-stop shop for wedding photographers.

Photography Blog 10

30. This Week in Photo

Looking for the newest updates in photography? This Week in Photo blog is a one-stop shop for learning what’s new in the world of photography this week!

Founder Frederick Van Johnson runs a popular podcast as well as workshops and lectures on everything there is to know about the world of digital photography.

31. The LawTog

The LawTog is for the photography education of law. If you are wondering what the legal aspects of your photography business should entail, this blog is for you. While sharing photo stories, this personal blog takes readers inside the legal parts of running a successful photography business.

It’s important to keep up with the industry news that comes will being a successful photographer and following the rules of the trade.

best blogs for photography learning.

32. Ann Street Studio

As someone who resides in France, Jamie Beck’s work is a favorite of mine. She creates artistic looks, vibrant colors, and has worked with many famous brands from around the world. She is originally from the United States but decided to follow her dreams to the South of France, where she now resides.

Her work is imaginative and inspiring and worth a glance if you are feeling in a funk during your own photography career.

33. Olaf Photo Blog

Olaf Sztaba uses his blog to guide and teach street photography. By using his camera as a tool to create “visual poetry,” Olaf uses his skill and craft to teach photography with a purpose.

Olaf writes extensive and intuitive articles, helping photographers overcome imposter syndrome and explore ideas that go beyond street photography.

And there you have it! Here is a list of the top photography blogs, and this list is by no means definitive, but it is a great introduction for new and experienced photographers who want to learn new tips, become inspired, and explore new ideas.

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  1. These are all really good websites! Having studied photography in school, I especially love Reading the Picture. Photography can be a really powerful tool to express ideas and this site really helped me look at some photos in a new and different light. Definitely will be checking that site often.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. It’s great to know you enjoy our site and that the articles are helping you to become a better photographer!

  3. Quite frankly, I am so glad that I came across your article because really often it is so necessary to find a resource of inspiration and photography blogs are one of the best ways to be filled up with wonderful emotions. I can say that all these blogs are so unique and each of them has such a special concept, plunging you into a creative atmosphere. I really want to delve into the Women Photography Blog because it carries such a unique idea and it is such a small women’s community which can give you the feeling of confidence. Also, I fell in love with the sense of “Humans of New York” because I really like to delve into the stories of people and analyze it. From my point of view, this blog is the best way to experience a different range of emotions and understand people better. You can even change your approach to different things thanks to stories of some person.

  4. I’m a big fan of photography and I’ve been following photography blogs for many years. I especially like the way you cover a wide range of topics, from beginner tips to advanced techniques. I also appreciate the fact that you feature a variety of photographers, from professional to amateur. Thanks for putting together such a great resource!

  5. You’ve shared an amazing photography blog list. I personally follow and endorse Feature Shoot as they are best.

  6. I’m biased, but I think Shotkit should be included in this list – we’re the biggest ‘inside your camera bag’ site out there 🙂

  7. This an awesome resource with a lot of great sites to check out. I can’t wait to look at the ones I haven’t heard of before, thanks for sharing!

  8. This is an excellent List! Some of these sites were already on my favorites list, but found some new ones as well! Thanks for posting!

  9. Thanks for compiling this list! I’ve been looking for new sources of inspiration to kickstart my creativity, and these photography blogs seem like just what I need. Can’t wait to dive in and explore!”

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