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19 Best Photography Podcasts Worth Listening in 2024

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The best photography podcasts

Looking for the best photography podcasts to add to your playlist? Photography podcasts have recently become much more popular, and adding a weekly podcast to your routine is a great way to feel inspired and learn new photography tips.

Whether you are into wedding photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, or any other niche, these podcasts are full of new episodes and real-world experiences.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful world of photography podcasts!

The Best Podcasts for Photographers

We searched the internet and put together this list of the best photography podcasts you need to start listening to today! We have broken them down into categories based on insider storytelling, creative processes, industry news, photography tips, gear reviews, and as well as the business of photography.

Some of these podcasts are designed for listeners who love to listen to the personal stories of successful professional photographers. They even offer ideas to get you started in a more creative direction and to better your photography skills.

1. Great Big Photography World Podcast

Hosted by Taya Iv, Great Big Photography World Podcast (GBPW Podcast) releases weekly episodes with talented photographers from all walks of life. GBPW Podcast offers life advice, photography advice, and insider tips from experienced photographers around the world. Learn from hobbyists and professional photographers alike.

2. Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

If you are interested in bettering your photography and learning the art of digital storytelling, the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast is for you! His episodes are recorded in a travelogue style which keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. We love his thoughtful mix of interviews, gear reviews, and artistic feedback to enhance your photography on every level.

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3. The Beginner Photography Podcast

This podcast speaks for itself as the Beginner Photography Podcast. Host Raymond is based in Indianapolis and works full-time as a wedding photographer around the globe. His podcast captures the true stories that go along with having a camera as an extension of your life. He aims to help listeners who love photography but aren’t sure what the logical next step is for their images or career. His interviews keep you one step ahead of the competition and will be your new guilty pleasure every week.

4. Photobiz Xposed

Photobiz Xposed is a photography podcast hosted by Andrew Hellmich that will leave you wanting to start your own photography business. Hellmich interviews photographers from all backgrounds who are making money doing what they love.

He aims to teach you the business side of photography, whether you are in the wedding photography business, fashion photography, documentary photography, or one of many landscape photographers.

Whether you need to learn branding, accounting, social media, or other marketing techniques for your commercial photography business, these casual conversations will help you to become the best from real-world experience. Keep in mind these travelogue-style episodes are offered in a free and subscription-based version where you get even more content and are worth checking out.

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5. The Photographer’s Journey

The Photographer’s Journey is a twice-weekly podcast interview with a diverse range of photographers about their artistic and business journeys. Listen to the most awarded wedding photographer or street photographer, and much more share their journey to success. The photographic community owes a lot to host Lukas Dryja already for his work with Format.

If you are a professional photographer looking to learn from some of the most successful photographers in the industry, then check out this great podcast.

6. The Candid Frame

This weekly photography podcast hosted by Ibarionex Perello offers an interview with a new photographer every week. We love it because it features emerging photographers as well as well-known counterparts. You will find more motivation in your photographic life through listening to The Candid Frame.

You can tell the host is an expert at interviewing and is very to the point when speaking to help the guests get real and share even more with listeners.

portrait photography podcast.

7. Photo Xperiment Podcast

The Photo Xperiment podcast is hosted by Andrew Hellmich as well and focuses on getting answers from some of your favorite photographers in the industry. Learn what makes wedding photographers tick or how to get into travel photography.

The interviews are concentrated on each photographer’s philosophy and go more in-depth than general photography podcasts. You feel like you are getting inside the head of some of the greatest photographers of all time, including portrait photographers. You won’t get much gear info in this show, but you will learn how to make a living as a photographer.

8. The Fashion Photography Podcast

Learn from commercial photographer Verginiya Yancheva all about the world of fashion. The Fashion Photography Podcast gives you the perspective of a photographer who has worked with huge clients such as CosmopolitanElle, and many more.

You may hear your favorite magazine editor or other industry pros come on to offer you insights into the world of fashion photography, a niche that is often hard to break into.

9. Sunny 16 Podcast 

Analog photography is not dead, and the Sunny 16 Podcast is listening proof. Hosts Ade, Rachel, and Graeme explore the ins and outs of film photography. You will listen to guests of all backgrounds, including galleries, artists, and authors in the world of photography.

Even better, you will learn about the business of photography when it comes to film if it’s something you would like to add to your own business model. Find new inspirations with film from emerging photographers and artists who are making the film a part of their daily lives. You will truly enjoy this fun and lighthearted photography podcast.

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10. The Portrait System Podcast

This is one of the top portrait photography podcasts, and with good reason. The Portrait System Podcast features interviews with professional wedding photographers and other leading portrait photographers who can offer true advice to grow into a successful portrait photography business.

You will learn so much more than just photographic technique. If you are already shooting weddings, check out this show.

Hosted by Nikki Closser, who is a portrait photographer with her own successful business, you can feel reassured that you are learning from the best. If you want even more information while listening, you can join her community which offers workshops and conferences all about building a successful photography business.

11. This Week In Photo: Street Focus

This street photography podcast is hosted by Valerie Jardin, who also teaches for Digital Photo School. You will learn everything there is to know about street photography through her live chats with the best street pros around the world.

Learn which gear is best, techniques, and even join in a live Q&A during the episode as you explore every aspect of street photography. We especially love the street photography challenges, which keep you engaged and learning by doing.

12. The Art of Photography

The host Ted Forbes is not only a photographer but also a videographer who uses the show to act as a retired photography professor teaching others The Art of Photography.

He speaks fast but is full of insights and concentrates it all into one short show to keep you engaged. If you want to learn about composition, gear, and artists, tune in every week to this photography podcast.

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13. History of Photography

If you want to learn about how cameras evolved to how we know them today, check out the History of Photography Podcast. Sadly, the show was discontinued in 2015 with host Jeff Curto, but much of the information is still very relevant today.

Curto talks about the different centuries of imagery and which photographers in history you should be studying today. There is also a YouTube version of the show, which offers tutorials as well.

14. The Landscape Photography Podcast

The Landscape Photography Podcast is hosted by former photo editor Nick Page. Page now works as an instructor and speaker but teaches listeners everything there is to know about the art of landscape photography.

We love listening as he interviews some of the best landscape photographers in the world while giving easy-to-follow landscape imagery techniques and practical tips.

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15. This Week in Photo (TWiP)

Host, Frederick van Johnson, takes listeners inside the biggest photography events and updates of the week. You will learn the latest industry standards and hear interviews from renowned companies and photographers.

This Week in Photo first debuted in 2008, and it is still one of the longest-running and most famous shows airing in the world of photography podcasts today! You will learn about everything there is to know about storytelling in photography and much more.

16. B&H Photography Podcast

The B&H Photography Podcast comes directly from the renowned camera gear store located in New York. Allan Weitz, the senior copywriter for B&H is also the host of the show. You can feel the good energy coming out of his voice, and we love the free-flowing engaging questions and commentary.

The show is one of the top photography podcasts in the world because it covers a variety of topics, from gear to photography news. The show makes for easy listening while you are editing your next shoot.

17. FroKnowsPhoto

Jared Polin is an afro-wearing photographer who loves sharing educational content on all things photography-related in FroKnowsPhoto. You will learn everything there is to know about the world of photography, including business, philosophy, and history.

Polin likes to go on fun-filled rants that will keep you entertained but also educated. The digital photography included on his website helps give listeners a deeper look into the themes of the show.

photography podcasting.

18. Classic Camera Revival

This Canadian-based podcast is designed for people who love film photography. Classic Camera Revival covers everything there is to know in the photography industry but with an emphasis on film. You will learn about film processing, lenses, and film cameras, among other things.

The show comes out twice monthly and includes many special guests with a true passion for film. After listening to this show, you may find yourself pulling out your old film camera once more or building a darkroom in your basement!

19. Tips from the Top Floor

Hosted by Chris Marquardt, some say this is the first photography podcast to ever exist! Tips from the Top Floor has been on air since 2005. You will learn about all sorts of topics, including how to photograph at sunset or tips and tricks for wedding photography.

We love that Marquardt takes questions from listeners that can help you in many ways, including how people build photography businesses. Or maybe you want to learn about drone photography or hear from a photo editor. There is something for everyone in this long-running show.

We hope you enjoyed the diverse range of this list of the best podcasts for photographers! Listening to any photography podcast is a great way to better your own work and connect with other photographers around the world!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our list of the best YouTube channels for photographers.

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Krystal Kenney is an award-winning photographer residing in Paris, France. She has been photographing for over 10 years and enjoys teaching others about the craft. She spends most days shooting events, portraits, and weddings around Paris and working on writing new books.
Krystal Kenney is an award-winning photographer residing in Paris, France. She has been photographing for over 10 years and enjoys teaching others about the craft. She spends most days shooting events, portraits, and weddings around Paris and working on writing new books.

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