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52 Week Project Tips | GBPW Episode 124

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Remember to be consistent, set realistic goals for yourself, and avoid perfection.

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This episode is all about the 52 Week Photography Challenge in our online photography community. Every week, we release a new video with a theme. Our challenge for you is to take a photo that best represents that theme, whether it’s food photography, abstract photography, or something completely different!

We talk about:

  • The 52 Week Project at (it’s free to join!)
  • How to successfully complete the project and stay consistent
  • Tips for making the most of your experience as a member

& much more!

Listen to this episode to learn how to make the most of this challenge without losing motivation. Thanks to our community, you’ll find it easy to stay consistent, no matter how busy you are. We’ve got all the tools you need to have an amazing 52 Week Project experience.

Here is a preview of this episode.

Perfection Isn’t The Answer

You don’t need to be perfect. You can make mistakes and share them in our community. There’s no judgement here. In general, the photography community is a non-judgemental place when it comes to learning and improving your skills. People might even commend you for your openness. You might inspire someone to be more transparent about their struggles as a photographer.

Put yourself out there and share your photographs. If something doesn’t feel right, ask for feedback. Sharing photographs doesn’t just encourage other members to take photos of their own. It also builds a sense of security and confidence in those who are sharing their photographs. The more you do it, the easier it will get and the more you’ll learn from your mistakes.

Learn From Our Community

Another way you can successfully complete this project is to watch our weekly educational videos. As soon as we announce a weekly theme, we also release a video on YouTube that is free to watch.

All you need to do is learn from our tips and implement them into your own shoots. It’s very easy to learn from other photographers if you’re presented with visual references. Many of our members make it a priority to watch every single video that’s released. They use the information to build on their own knowledge and take unique photographs using their own style.

You don’t need to follow every single tip, but we encourage you to be open to new information. You might learn something that you didn’t know before! In my opinion, if you were to start a photography project on your own without any support from other photographers, you’d need to push yourself more. You’d need to challenge yourself more. To put it simply, it would be significantly harder to work on the 52 Week Project on your own than with a community.

At, it’s very easy to ask for constructive criticism from amateurs and professional photographers alike.

Request Constructive Criticism

One of the best ways to improve is to ask for feedback, especially if it’s in the form of constructive criticism. It will help you look at your work from a different perspective and come up with new ways to take photos.

In our community, we have a sub-forum called Constructive Criticism where you can ask for feedback. Our members come from all over the world and specialise in different photography genres, so you’re likely to receive a lot of valuable and unique feedback.

We all have weaknesses. We all have things we can improve in our work. If you open yourself up to feedback and don’t feel threatened by it, you’ll be able to improve within a very short period of time. We have a bunch of great people on our team who respond to our members as well. You’re very likely to get a response from us, too.

Join our 52 Week Project today!

Join Our New Photography Community!

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Taya Iv is a portrait photographer, 500px ambassador, and host of Great Big Photography World podcast.
Taya Iv is a portrait photographer, 500px ambassador, and host of Great Big Photography World podcast.

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