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10 Free Photoshop Actions for Wedding

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40 presets with vintage look and feel

Wedding Photoshop actions will help you improve your images very quickly and easily. With them you can adjust brightness and contrast, fix bad lighting and make colors more intense in a few seconds!

All Photoshop actions can be applied to RAW and JPG files and are compatible with all Photoshop versions, including Mobile, CS6 and CC.

1. Free Photoshop Actions

These universal free wedding Photoshop actions will enhance your images and make them more vibrant in a few clicks. They are suitable for all types of wedding photography. With them you can make your shots softer and lighter, improve the white contrast to emphasize the whiteness of the dress of the bride, apply a beautiful black-and-white effect or change the style of the photo to retro or vintage.

2. Luxe Wedding Photoshop Actions

This trendy collection consists of 33 actions, which will help you add beautiful and unique effects to your portrait and group wedding photos to make them stunning. This set combines warm and cold tones for rich, dark and dramatic effects. With these actions you can also make your photos look sunny, bright and light.

For example, a gradient from orange to purple will add drama and more solemnity. Also, slightly cool shadows, soft pink highlights and an additional warming filter will create an atmosphere of comfort and add a touch of sentimentality to the photo.

3. Vintage Wedding Photoshop Actions

These wedding Photoshop actions contain 30 tools, which will create a vintage vibe that’s becoming more and more popular today. They are great for portrait and group pictures, as well as other images taken indoors or outdoors. With them you can adjust contrast, change the softness of colors and create the last-century vibe.

4. Fashion Wedding Photoshop Actions

With these Photoshop Actions you can make your images even more luxurious. Use them to edit shots of a couple taken before, during and after the ceremony.

If you want to enhance clarity, focus, contrast, all these features are available in this set. From correcting skin tone for portraits to custom color enhancements, these filters will make your images look professional in a single click.

5. Film Wedding Photoshop Actions

These actions have many options for enhancing wedding photos, portraits, outdoor pictures, etc. The set includes 30 cinematic color and 20 black-and-white effects, allowing you to make your photos retro or modern.

The collection features a special toning effect, that will make your photos look as if they are from a fantasy movie, romantic comedy or Noir film (black-and-white crime drama popular in the 50s of the XX century).

6.  Dark Wedding Photoshop Actions

This is a collection of 10 professional Photoshop actions for portrait, nature and group photos. These tools will add a stylish dark effect to your wedding photos and make them look unique and authentic. These actions can also give your pictures an adventurous feel and vintage style.

The set also includes an exclusive black-and-white photo lab that creates the classic look of a clean, crisp monochrome image and makes your wedding photos look authentic. This collection of actions contains everything, from actions for enhancing contrast and saturation to grain and vignetting effects.

7. Suburbia Wedding Photoshop Actions

Suburbia is a set of multipurpose Photoshop actions that are ideal for portraits and all genres of modern authentic photography, such as wedding, newborn, children and family photos.

This collection consists of 6 free wedding Photoshop actions with rural, light and high-contrast effects, which you can apply to enhance indoor or outdoor pictures. These tools will add a beautiful natural tone and authentic movie-inspired styles to your images

8. Bridal Photoshop Actions

Using these free wedding Photoshop actions, you can make your photos more beautiful and vibrant. They will brighten your images and provide a romantic and soft color palette, ranging from soft pinks and turquoise to rich white with blue shades.

You can use these actions to improve engagement, wedding and portrait photos. They are also great for enhancing photos of the bride and groom, bride jewelry, bridal bouquet and other wedding accessories.

9. Royal Wedding Photoshop Actions

These actions add professional touches and various effects to your wedding photos, such as retro, black-and-white, trendy, matte and cinematic. This collection is well-balanced and suitable for indoor wedding photos as well as nature, engagement, architecture and food pictures.

10. Caramel Wedding Photoshop Actions

Caramel is a collection of free wedding Photoshop actions which can be used to improve photos taken outdoors in natural light. It’s a must-have action for wedding photography, whether you need to enhance pictures of engagement, wedding ceremony or outdoor portraits.

This action will add a soft golden effect to the bride’s dress, bouquet and veil, create a subtle tanned skin tone and a warm and cozy atmosphere in the wedding ceremony room.

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Catherine Gaither is a professional photographer and bioarchaeologist. She has traveled the world photographing archaeological sites and artifacts, and studying human physical remains. She has written numerous professional publications. She continues to work as a forensic consultant and author.
Catherine Gaither is a professional photographer and bioarchaeologist. She has traveled the world photographing archaeological sites and artifacts, and studying human physical remains. She has written numerous professional publications. She continues to work as a forensic consultant and author.

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