Posing Classes

When it comes to photographing people who are not so comfortable in front of a camera, you need a few good techniques and tips to get started. In this series of courses on posing people for photographers, you have tons of opportunities to learn the art of how to make people feel comfortable and look great in the photos you take of them.

There’s a great variety of lessons covering how to pose individuals for portraits as well as families and groups of people.

Choosing from our selection of lessons will help you make better choices when you have people to photograph. Most of the classes will teach you the basic rules for posing and techniques to make your subjects look their best. You will learn to work with men, women, children, seniors, couples, brides and grooms, groups, and more. Also, understanding body language, angles, and facial expressions will help produce significantly improved results.

We have fantastic news: from April 2024, we will launch our 'Great Big Photography World' podcast again! Stay tuned!


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