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Interview with Silvia Travieso on Photography Trends

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Country: Spain

Photography Genres: Portrait, Conceptual

Fave Camera Brand: Canon and Sony


What’s in your camera bag?

  • Canon 6D mark II
  • Sigma Art 35mm F1.4
  • Manfrotto tripod

How is photography making the world a better place in 2024?

In today’s world, where digital tools continually blur the boundaries between reality and fiction, I firmly believe that photography’s unique strength lies in its storytelling ability. Images serve as the primary communication medium for nearly everything, whether edited, polished, or reinterpreted. Photography is intrinsically linked to the human touch and experience; it offers a meaningful connection to reality and the multitude of stories we have yet to tell.

Especially in the realm of conceptual/fine art photography, I’ve noticed a craving towards authenticity and unfilterness.

Raw & unpolished outdoor scenic portraiture: A departure from the meticulously curated compositions and color palettes (Wes Anderson-esque) that have dominated recent years.

Maximalism & baroque lighting: Embracing dense images full of textures, characterized by high contrast yet soft lighting. Arfully unpolished: : a “no-make-up makeup” approach, a casually disheveled look that leaves behind overly staged scenarios.

If you could pick a photography mentor in 2024, who would you pick? Why?

I’m going to cheat a bit and choose two:

First, Brooke Shaden. Because regardless of the year, she is always a beacon of creativity for the conceptual portraiture realm.

Secondly, Rob Woodcox. He has been consistently brilliant for years. But just when you think he’s hit the top, he flips everything around and breaks all the rules bringing the medium to new, innovative depths.

The unavoidable question: How do you see the use of artificial intelligence or machine learning impacting photography in 2024?

As a conceptual photographer, I’m excited about the possibilities that AI and visual tools bring. They’re expanding the horizons of experimentation, making composite work and editing less reliant on finding the perfect stock image.

Photography can’t match the “over- perfection” of digital creations, so a shift toward hyperrealism and raw aesthetics might be the way for both to coexist in the creative sphere. On the flip side, as AI-generated images gain quality and accessibility, the worth of a photographer’s craft could become harder to discern. Certain photography niches more than others (stock photography is the first that comes to mind) may feel the impact more significantly than others.

It is a bit of a left-field choice, but it will have to be “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” by John Koening. g. While not a photography book per se, my work being heavily conceptual, this collection of his—collection of brand new words to express feelings we don’t have (yet) words for —has been my primary source of inspiration this year, and I’ll carry it into 2024 for sure!

What is your go-to method for overcoming creative block and finding inspiration in 2024?

I toggle between two strategies in this scenario:

One is shifting my energy to different mediums or projects, although consciously avoiding those that might frustrate or fuel perfectionism.

The other approach is a “JUST DO IT” mindset. When I’m in a healthy mental state, I directly face the challenge. With paper or an app, I freely note down ideas with zero expectations; something may eventually click.

Also, actively engaging in conversation with creative friends and, being a nature- portraiturist myself, exploring new locations. If nothing sparks, at least I’ve had fresh air for the day!

Just experiment and see what clicks for you.

Silvia Travieso

If you could give one piece of advice to a beginner in photography, what would it be?

If you’re feeling that creative itch, let it out. Instead of just thinking about it too much, grab a camera and take some shots, whatever comes to mind. Embrace your lack of knowledge, rules, techniques or equipement—just experiment and see what clicks for you, what makes you happier; yes, happier. Try not to aim for perfection as much as you can. Take terrible photos and laugh about it.

Do- try- fail- have fun.

Can you share a specific tool, technology, or software that has revolutionized your workflow and significantly enhanced your creative process as a photographer?

It may sound silly and outdated, but as a creative-slash-conceptual portraiturist who heavily edits her photos, I can’t believe it took me so long to start editing with a graphic tablet! It completely changed my workflow and made me feel so much more in control of my pieces. As well, staying up-to-date with the new tools and developments in my editing software is crucial to feeling comfortable with my creative process.

What is your biggest strength and your biggest weakness as a photographer in 2024?

I would say my biggest strength lies in, after many years of struggle, finally being able to recognize and embrace my own personal visual style. Being able to communicate through images and telling stories that can resonate with people.

On the flip side, I struggle with the invisible pressure to keep up with the latest trends and the heavy shift towards video content. As an intense editing photographer, I also find it challenging to strike a balance between dedicating an obsessive amount of time and detail to each piece and remembering that we exist in a fast-paced, high-demand consumption cycle of visual content.

What is the biggest challenge in your photography genre in 2024? What are the solutions?

Fighting the sentiment of needing to “compete” with AI images, I’m concerned this might lead people and clients to undervalue the effort, process, and craftsmanship behind creating compelling conceptual images.

What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a photography niche or specialization in 2024?

That you like it and feel passionate about it.

  • Favourite photography digital tool in 2024
    — Adobe Photoshop
  • Your favourite Photographer in 2024
    — Oprisco
  • Which social media platform do you use the most as a photographer?
    — Instagram
  • Will you use or experiment with NFT in 2024?
    — No
  • Do you think the always-improving cameras on smartphones will result in less work for professional photographers in 2024?
    — No
  • What is your motto for 2024?
    — “Become it.”
  • In your opinion, which photography trend will dominate the industry in 2024?
    — Maximalism and boldness.
  • Three must-have photography gadgets or tools for aspiring photographers?
    — 50mm lens, Photoshop, and YouTube.
  • Name one unconventional source of inspiration that photographers should explore for fresh ideas in 2024.
    — Architecture and interior design trends.
  • One underrated photography technique that can instantly enhance a photographer’s portfolio.
    — Build your own props. Create your own bank of stock images.
  • What is the most innovative use of technology you’ve seen in photography recently?
    — All of Adobe’s new features in Photoshop/Lightroom.

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Perrin lives as a nomad in Canada and spends his time shooting landscape photography while exploring the wilderness. Throughout his career, Perrin has been a wedding, portrait, and product photographer. However, his passion always leads him back to the outdoors, where he teaches people how to photograph and interact with the natural world.
Perrin lives as a nomad in Canada and spends his time shooting landscape photography while exploring the wilderness. Throughout his career, Perrin has been a wedding, portrait, and product photographer. However, his passion always leads him back to the outdoors, where he teaches people how to photograph and interact with the natural world.

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