Advanced Photography Course

Welcome to our Advanced Photography Course! Here you will find our more complex photography lessons. Once you have mastered the basics and are feeling comfortable with our intermediate techniques, this is the right course for you. You will find many advanced composition and lighting techniques including the editing skills you need to propel yourself into a photography career or full-time passion project.

If you want all this information in one place with daily challenges, check out our 365 Photography Course. Aside from improving your technical knowledge, our main aim with this course is to challenge you and open your eyes to new possibilities!

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Why is it Important to Fill the Frame for a Fantastic Composition?

To fill the frame is important to good composition. This is because it keeps everything relevant to the image you are making. Beginning photographers are often frustrated when they review their photos. They see things in the picture they had not noticed when they were taking it. In this article, I will teach you how to see those extraneous elements

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Lesson: 4

circle of confusion

Circle of Confusion – How it Makes an Impact in your Photography

In one of my previous articles on this website, I have delved into the concept of depth of field (DoF) as well as the parameters that govern DoF. This is the part of a photographic image that is considered to be in acceptably sharp focus. Depth of Field and the Circle of Confusion As you can recall, the depth of field in a photographic image depends on several aspects.

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Lesson: 5

girl with rembrandt lighting on her face

Rembrandt Lighting: What it is and Why You Should Use it

Rembrandt lighting is one of the most famous techniques for shooting portraits. Many photographers have mastered this type of lighting and in just a few easy steps you can too. Read more to learn what type of lighting setup you will need to create this dramatic lighting for portrait photography. What is Rembrandt Lighting? When you think of Rembrandt lighting, remember the

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Lesson: 6

High key portrait of a man with a blue wig.

Stunning High Key Photography the Quick and Easy Way

To create stunning high-key photography quickly and easily, you need to do just a couple of things. The first is to make sure you have a good, strong light source. The second is to manage your camera settings well. High-key images are made with high-key lighting. This means the key light, the main light, is a very bright light that easily

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Lesson: 8

portrait with dramatic lighting.

How to Use Dramatic Lighting Effectively in Your Photos

Light is the essence of photography. With no light, you cannot take a photo. The more you can ‘see’ light and understand it, the better photographer you can become. Knowing how to use dramatic lighting, you can more effectively communicate with your photographs. Creating dramatic lighting is all about mood and atmosphere. How you manage the light, and your camera settings will combine

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Lesson: 9

understanding ambient lighting

What is Ambient Lighting and How to Make Best Use of It

What is Ambient Lighting in Photography? Ambient lighting is simply the light that is available. It can be natural or artificial light. This is the type of lighting that most people rely on to illuminate their pictures, and it exists without being added by the photographer. Ambient light outdoors during the daytime is usually natural light from the sun. This is the most

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Lesson: 10

All You Need To Know About Fill Flash

How you use fill flash is a question many photographers struggle with. Flash adds another level of complexity to photography. Like anything, once you have some understanding of how it works, it’s much easier than you might imagine. You can make use of fill flash to enhance many of your photos and it’s not that difficult. In this article, I’ll introduce you to

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Lesson: 13

Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

Long exposure photography is a creative technique that produces stunning images you cannot replicate through normal exposure. It is a creative art that is unique, and no other art form can produce images the same as a camera can with long exposure photography.  Long exposure photography techniques might seem complicated for beginner photographers. Especially if you have not tried this photography technique or are mainly

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Lesson: 14

balance in photography.

Balance and Visual Weight in Photography

What is Balance in Photography? Having a balanced life is something that most of us aspire to achieve. Making sure we have the right amount of balance in our lives means that one part does not overshadow or outweigh the other. This principle is just as important in photography. Being able to create well-balanced photos is possibly one of the most important skills in taking

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Lesson: 15

Frame Within a Frame Photography: What it is and How to Use it?

What is a Frame within a Frame in Photography? A frame within a frame is a photography composition technique. Within the four-sided frame of the photograph, another frame enhances the composition. It could be an actual frame like a window frame. Doors can make interesting frames. Even a picture frame can fit in a frame within a frame photography. You can use a natural frame

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Lesson: 16

Lesson: 17

Analyze a Photograph

How to Analyze a Photograph (4 Simple Steps)

Analyzing a Photograph Learning to analyze a photo requires introspection and self-analysis. Whether is a photo you have taken or one taken by another photographer. Image analysis is an essential aspect of the development of any photographer. The photographic analysis leads to a realization of the mistakes that you

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Lesson: 18

how to be a good photo critique

How to Give Good Constructive Criticism

One of the most efficient ways to improve as a photographer is to ask for feedback. Many photography groups and websites offer constructive criticism to their members. This is meant to help them look at their work from an objective point of view, which can lead to

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Lesson: 19

aerial view of a spectacular waterfall in Vietnam.

How to Photograph Waterfalls: The Ultimate Guide

Waterfalls are some of the most picturesque landscape features to photograph, and if you’re hoping to get into landscape photography professionally, capturing those perfect waterfall images is like a rite of passage. But, waterfall photography comes with its own unique set of challenges since it can be difficult to achieve the long exposures necessary to create

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Lesson: 20

tips for great golden hour photography.

Golden Hour Photography – A Guide To Dreamy Photos

Everything You Need to Know about Photographing the Golden Hours Golden hour. That infamous magic “hour” in the day where the light takes on a special golden hue and all of your photos are magically transformed. The light is softer, the tones are warm, and lens flares are possible. It’s undoubtedly the chosen time of day for most photographers

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Lesson: 21

Blue hour photography tips and tricks

Blue Hour Photography – A Guide To Magical Photos

ContentsBlue Hour PhotographyWhat Is Blue Hour?Tips For Getting The Best Blue Hour ShotsSettings For Blue Hour ImagesGive Yourself TimePlan Ahead For Your Blue Hour PhotosLook For Light & ColorGet Creative With Blue Hour PhotographyShoot Your Photos In RAWTips For Editing Your Blue Hour PhotosTry Our PresetsKeep An Eye On Your HistogramDon’t Be Afraid To PlayBest Gear For Taking Blue

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Lesson: 22

step by step tutorial and guide for editing in lightroom

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom Classic: An Overview

For many beginner photographers who have started saving their photos are RAW files, learning how to edit photos in Lightroom is a problem. Where to start editing? What do all editing tools do? How do I know my photos will look better when I use Lightroom to edit? How can I know when I am finished?

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Lesson: 23

photographer operating a business.

How to Start a Photography Business with No Experience

Would you like to know how to start a photography business with no experience? For many being your own boss while doing something you love sounds pretty amazing! There are definitely a lot of perks to running a photography business. This article will explore all the ways in which you can run a successful photography business,

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Lesson: 24

How to Get Photography Clients: 10 Secret Strategies

Learning how to get photography clients may feel overwhelming at first. Over the past decade, photography services have exploded, and there is no better time than now to try new marketing strategies to help you target potential clients as well as existing clients. With more demand, more experienced photographers have entered the small business world of

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