The 31 Best Food Photographers in the World

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the best food photographers in the world.
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Explore the captivating realm of food photography through the lenses of visionary artists who push boundaries. Delve into contrasting styles, from natural light compositions to expert editing techniques. Discover the fusion of culinary art and visual storytelling, with photographers creating vibrant palettes and evocative mosaics. Some mentors share insights, while others infuse sustainability and emotion into their work. Immerse yourself in this diverse world where food becomes an exquisite visual delight, inspiring both aspiring and seasoned photographers.

Food photography is one of the most popular genres of photography. But the top food photographers in the world have created different styles, including using natural light, expert editing, and fantastic food styling. We can all learn how to be professional food photographers by studying the work of some of the greatest in the world.

Whether you are a wedding, portrait, or street photographer, maybe now is the time to study food photography and add another skill to your toolbox. Either way, we hope you get inspired by this list of the best food photographers from around the globe.

1. Laura Muthesius

Photo by Laura Muthesius.

Laura Muthesius works as a food photographer with food stylist Nora Eisermann. This powerful team is originally from Berlin and still calls it home today, where they continue to run a popular food blog called “Our Food Stories“. Their food photos are full of contrasts and natural lighting, as well as artificial light.

2. Mowie Kay

Shot of a fish with ice on the table.

Mowie Kay is one of the top food photographers in the world because of her sophisticated approach to food photographs. She shoots mostly in her studio in South London and works in advertising with huge brands, including Marks & Spencer, KFC, and Tesco, to name a few. She is one of the leaders in the food industry of advertising.

3. Lenka

food photography by Lenka.

Professional photographers can all agree that Lenka is one of the top food shooters in the industry. Using artificial lighting, her food photos have become a signature style with a lot of contrasts and plays on black tones. Her images bring food to life and create a fun feeling at the same time.

4. Skyler Burt

skyler burt food photography.

Los Angeles food photographer Skyler Burt has a massive following on his YouTube videos. His food photography is dramatic and features an incredible color palette. Follow his social media or look at his website if you want to learn from his professional experience.

5. Lauren Caris

food photographers.

Food photographer Lauren Caris specializes in vegan recipes. Food critics love her recipe blog and plant-based recipes that are easy for anyone to follow and enjoy the taste. Learn how to make and shoot mouth-watering smoothie bowls and how to master close-ups of any meal.

6. Joanie Simon

fruits on the table.

Joanie Simon is a professional food photographer based in the USA. She is not only one of the top food photographers in the world, but she also runs a popular online program to teach other food photographers. Her food photos make you want to get cooking and shooting. Her website shares her complete photo equipment list, and she even teaches you how to shoot in manual mode. She has also published a book on how to shoot food, featuring 52 mini-tutorials. Lastly, she offers an array of online courses, including how to shoot videos for social media and artificial lighting.

7. Jackie Alpers

Photo by Jackie Alpers.

Food photography has been taken to new levels by Jackie Alpers. Using a natural light studio, she creates her meals and photographs the food after. Taking photos of food is more than just a passion for her. She loves eating just as much! Check out her cookbook on the Taste of Tucson, which has won multiple awards!

8. Jennifer Pallian

breakfast photo by Jennifer Pallian.

Food photography has always been a passion for Vancouver-based professional food photographer Jennifer Pallian. She shares food styling tips, food photos, and recipes on her blog, and her work has been featured in many food magazines.

9. Marc Haydon

fish and chips.

Before owning his studio in London, Marc Haydon worked as a travel photographer on cruise ships for many years. He now produces food photographs using his Hasselblad camera to create quality food images for magazines, restaurants, and supermarkets.

10. Carl Warner


Food photography will never be the same after looking at Carl Warner’s work. He combines food with cartoon-like landscape paintings. His images are highly conceptual and desired by food photography marketers.

11. Louise Lister

Louise Lister food photographer.

Food photography is Louise Lister’s life passion. She is an established talent living in Australia and working for some of the top magazines on the globe. Her portfolio is creative and eye-catching. Her studio in Sydney helps her to create some of her best work using natural light.

12. Dan Robb

Delicious shot of egg and orange.

With one look at Dan Robb’s Instagram profile and you will understand why he made our list. His food photography is colorful, playful, and full of exciting color palettes. He now resides in Toronto, creating some good food photography!

13. Davide Luciano


Davide Luciano is one of the best food photographers in the field and is based in New York City. His food work combines motion videos and conceptual ideas. His work feels like art and life meets cooking.

14. Andrew Scrivani

egg on a toast.

Andrew Scrivani is a director, producer, and photographer. He has worked in advertising and content creation for decades. His work is recognized as some of the best, and he also offers courses and books to help you better your food photography. Enjoy the cookbooks, videos, and much more on his website.

15. Mary Devinat

fish with vegetables and sauce.

Mary Devinat creates food photography that is based in Paris. Her style is modern and full of French recipes that you will want to eat and photograph. You can have a look at her beautiful portfolio here.

16. Libby Bloom

food photographer Libby Bloom

Libby has a knack for creating food photos that highlight fresh food. She is also a dietician, and her works circles around ideas of sustainability, reducing waste, and creating a healthier lifestyle in general. Her raw vegetable shots resemble art!

17. Francesco Tonelli

delicious beef burger with a dark background.

New York Times photographer Francesco Tonelli is much more than just a food photographer. He helps viewers take a journey into the food he is photographing. Being raised in Italy, he’s always had a deep connection to food. Food stylists around the world admire his excellent food work!

18. Thomas Brooke

burger and french fries.

Thomas Brooke is one of the top food photography experts to come out of Australia. He has photographed food for many years and creates clean and compelling images for commercial clients. He also works as a travel, lifestyle, and portrait photographer.

19. Nick Grattas

food in motion.

Nick Grattas is just as much a graphic designer as a food photographer. He says, “I don’t take photos. I design them”. We couldn’t agree more after seeing his food photography. His images jump off the page through his use of motion in the ingredients. Chefs around the world would have to agree the food looks as good as it tastes.

20. Dennis Prescott

Shot of tasty looking pizzas by Dennis Prescott.

One of the most celebrated chefs in Canada, Dennis Prescott is a cookbook author and photographer. With over 500k Instagram followers, he is a self-taught cook. He is a struggling Nashville musician turned cook!

21. Kimberly Espinel

different dishes of food.

Kimberly is not only a food photographer but also a teacher! She helps students learn to shoot like her and make a living doing it! Her YouTube channel is highly popular and full of valuable information to launch your food photography career. Listen to her podcast or take her online course to learn even more! You can also learn how to capture better food images with her book!

22. Béa Lubas

cool photo of dessert by Béa Lubas.

Lubas is more passionate about food than photography. Her website is full of workshops, recipes, and inspiration for photographing food better. Follow her work for helpful tips, or check out her book on how to photograph food.

23. Rachel Korinek

strawberries and apples.

Rachel is from Australia but spent many years traveling the globe before landing in Canada. She tells stories with her food photos using clean and bright photographs. She focuses on details and close-ups in her images and plays a lot with shadows and highlights to create her unique style.

24. Alana Haldan

Photo of Cherries by Alana Haldan.

Alana first fell in love with food photography as a child. She now works as a recipe developer, blogger, and food stylist. She is a strong believer in eating locally and seasonally. Her website and social media are full of tasty recipes and gorgeous photos.

25. Sara Ali

photograph of fruits by Sara Ali.

New York City-based food photographer and food stylist Sara Ali will leave you salivating over her photos. She is great fun to follow on social media and shares some of the best food photos on her blog.

26. Julia Sent

image by Julia Sent.

The food images by Julia Sent are still life stories that look more like mosaics than photographs. Her work explores the relationships between food, objects, and memories. Her work is simple but eye-catching. It is so beautiful that it’s hard to look away!

27. Mauro Turatti

Mauro Turatti food photography

Mauro Turatti has been working in the food and commercial images industry since 2004. He started working in small photography studios during high school and worked as an assistant to several famous photographers until he opened his own studio in 2010, where he takes food and still life pictures for major international brands such as Barilla, McDonald’s, and Ferrero. Follow his social media and take a look at his website for more images and projects.

28. Julee Ho

styling food with fruits and spices.

Julee Ho Media helps CPG, food, and beverage companies tell their brand stories. In addition to their meticulous food styling capabilities and a keen eye for mouthwatering food imagery and recipe videos, their creative team offers a focus on founder stories.

Founder stories leverage emotion to create a deep dive into a brand’s roots, values, and mission for the future on a human level. Using this storytelling framework, brands are differentiated in an organic way that drives real business results.

The team at Julee Ho Media works from the belief that the world changes, but stories never die.

29. Neal Santos

dishes of Barbecue.

Neal Santos focuses on the beauty of food and the people who create the food. He has photographed many chefs and cooks in the kitchen and on city streets. He works in Philadelphia and shoots beautiful personal stories with his photographs. Pairing food images with portraits, he is a great photographer to study if you are already a portrait photographer who is looking to explore the food photography genre.

30. Christina Leopold

Christina Leopold

Christina is a vegan chef and food photographer who is advocating for more people to join her cause. She originally just wanted to share her vegan recipes through her website, but that quickly turned her into a food photographer because she needed beautiful images to go with her recipes. She aims to make the world a better place through healthier and sustainable eating.

31. Jonas Marguet

Jonas Marguet food photos

If you prefer your food photography to resemble art, then Jonas Marguet is the best photographer to study. His works are incredible and more like masterpieces than menu examples.


We hope you enjoyed this list of food photographers. These food bloggers are at the top of their game when it comes to stunning food photography and should help you take your own great food photography. Whether you found a new Instagram account to follow or a unique style to photograph food, we hope you are feeling more inspired to shoot your first piece of food art!

Want More?

We are sure you are feeling super inspired after looking at all these beautiful food photos! If you want to learn how to photograph food as well, we offer a few helpful articles to help you do just that! Lastly, if you love beautiful photography books, have a look at our top food photography books! This list will help you better your images and feel confident in your work!


Krystal Kenney is an award-winning photographer residing in Paris, France. She has been photographing for over 10 years and enjoys teaching others about the craft. She spends most days shooting events, portraits, and weddings around Paris and working on writing new books.
Krystal Kenney is an award-winning photographer residing in Paris, France. She has been photographing for over 10 years and enjoys teaching others about the craft. She spends most days shooting events, portraits, and weddings around Paris and working on writing new books.

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  1. Joanie Simon’s multifaceted approach to food photography not only inspires with her stunning visuals but also empowers aspiring photographers through her online programs and tutorials. Her dedication to sharing knowledge and expertise is invaluable to the photography community.

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